Medu Neter also known as (Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs) is no longer a dead language. For the past 20 years an effort has been underway to resurrect it as a living spoken language. The idea first came from the late Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop a leading African historian, scientist and linguist. It was his desire for Medu Neter to one day become a lingua franca for all of Africa. This Mejat Wefa Conversation book is a step toward realizing that goal. Now students and families and can enjoy speaking this ancient language everyday or just use it for rituals or special occasions, just as people once to spoke Latin and Sanskrit, and ancient Hebrew. This book is written with Medu Neter pronunciation and transliteration for easy use. Also in this 2nd addition the Medu Neter (Hieroglyphs) are included so that students can learn to read as well.

Mejat Wefa Conversation Book English to Medu Neter

Material : Paperback