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A book subscription service like no other

Hi Welcome to Book Queens, my name is Michelle Burgess and I’m passionate about books that “fuel the soul & mind”


Book Queens is an online website dedicated to supplying books on African American culture. I hope the books I present will reach African American communities and people from all walks of life. 


Born and raised in Oakland California, my love for my community & culture was always there. 


As a youngster, I read Maya Angelou’s “I know why the caged bird sings” it touched hearts worldwide, including mine, and from there my intrigue and joy in the world of books began. I find it truly uplifting how words can educate and inspire, you can learn so much from literature without even going through the door. 


My love of tea began many years ago when my grandmother Betty Palmer would arrange tea parties for our family, my cousins and I would enjoy those moments sipping tea from my grandmother's fine china cups. As the years flowed by, I became a proud mother of three and worked in the public sector for ten years. 


There were times I would come home after a hard day’s work, open a good book and sip on a soothing cup of tea. Realizing that tea has a calming effect, I began to do extensive research into a variety of herbs, spices, and holistic remedies, coining the name for myself the “Herbalist Queen”     


Here at Book Queens, I present you with remarkable books I hope you will enjoy alongside my satisfying signature or custom-made teas. 


In addition, I aim to give back to the community of the greater Sacramento area by using some of the profits, the goal is to present “academic book boxes” which I will award to commendable students for their hard work” 


Thank you for supporting Book Queens. 

Book Queens - Read a book to enrich the soul whilst drinking tea to calm the spirit” 


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Michelle Burgess

CEO + Founder, Book Queens

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