A book subscription service like no other

Born and raised in Oakland, California, this is where my love for community, culture, diversity, and books developed — my fondness for books after reading, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," by Maya Angelou and my infatuation with tea after having tea parties with cousins as a child, using fine china given to us by our grandmother Betty Palmer. As I grew older, these appreciations didn't die down, especially as a proud mother of three who has spent thee last ten years working in public sector government. I would often pair a good book with tea after a long day of work, so I then began to research herbs, spices, and holistic alternatives. Through my extensive research I began to make my own teas and teas for others — coining myself as a Herbalist Queen.

My appreciation became a desire and that desire was to bring you the pure luxury of reading a book while pairing it with one of my signature blends or custom blends, made for your needs. In return, and collaborating with my heavy ties to the Greater Sacramento community, I'll be giving back by using the profits to award deserving students with academic book boxes. Being able to give you great books and even better tea while also giving back and helping others is not only an important part of my family history, it's a pillar-stone of what Book Queens does and will continue to do. Thank you for supporting Book Queens!  Sip your tea, sis!

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Michelle Burgess

CEO + Founder, Book Queens